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What Our Customers Say

I use Backyaad Tingz sea moss gel in my smoothies and take the champion capsules on a daily basis because it has really helped jump start my health journey. I feel so much more energized and have a lot less cravings to consume junk food.

Hope-Marie Morton

I cannot say enough good things about Backyaad Tingz! I have noticed such a difference in my body since taking the sea moss regularly, not only in my energy levels but also my overall mood. I also love that so many products come in a capsule form making it even easier to incorporate into my daily routine.

Brittany Hyder

I purchase the purple sea moss gel all the time. Its a great way to get all of your vitamins and minerals. I love how it suppresses my appetite. And if you're thinking of taking a yoga session you wont be disappointed! The instructor is awesome!

Casey Johnson

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