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Sea Moss Gel Recipe

How to prepare Sea Moss Gel

Step 1) Place sea moss in a strainer and rinse well with spring water to remove any sand. Also, remove any pieces of corals or seashells.

Step 2) Rehydrate: To rehydrate sea moss, place desired amount of sea moss in a large bowl, add water (spring water is recommended) over the moss, covering completely. Be sure to add 2-3x more water than sea moss, as the sea moss will expand as it rehydrates. Allow it to rehydrate between 4-12 hours or overnight.

Step 3) Create Steam Bath: Use the water from the large bowl you used to rehydrate your sea moss and put it into a pot. Only add the water to the pot and not the sea moss yet! Boil the water. Once the water has reached boiling point, turn off the stove burner, and add the rehydrated purple sea moss to the pot. Cover the pot and allow it to steam for about 30 minutes.

Step 4) Once the sea moss has steamed for the recommended time, strain the purple sea moss and add all of it into your high-speed blender. Then add 2-3 cups of spring water for every 2 ounces of moss. If you are unsure of measurements, slowly add 2 cups of water first to your blender and continue to add water until the consistency is not so thick. The purple sea moss should be completely liquefied after blending it all together. You may have to do this in batches, depending upon the size of your blender.

Step 5) Pour the sea moss liquid into a large glass container or pitcher and place it in the fridge uncovered or with a lid that allows it to breathe. This will prevent it from spoiling and lasts longer. Sea moss will thicken to a gel consistency as it cools. This will take several hours or overnight. In some cases, the purple sea moss will not thicken to a gel, but will maintain its liquid consistency due to too much water or not enough moss being used. Learning your balance of purple sea moss to water comes with time and practice. Whatever you do, do not discard your moss if it doesn't gel for you the first time. It is still very mineral-rich.

Note: Color varies from purple to green to brown because of natural processes.

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